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Why Apple Pay is bad - and good - for Bitcoin

Submitted 2 years 11 months ago by philip.

Apple revealed its long-awaited payment platform Apple Pay to the public yesterday, allowing quick and easy credit card payments with only an iPhone. Fans of Bitcoin have already been quick to criticize their new-found competitor, citing the technological superiority of Bitcoin and the Block Chain that's been alive since 2009.

But credit must be given to Apple for their entrance into payment processing, as they created a simple electronic solution to a stiff plastic problem. However, this is by no means the beginning of the end for Bitcoin.

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iPhone Bitcoin Wallets: A Comprehensive Review

Submitted 3 years 3 weeks ago by philip.

The 2014 class of wallets include Blockchain, Coin Pocket, bitWallet, GreenAddress, Pheeva, and breadWallet.

Since the announcement of iOS 8 over a month ago, Apple quietly began allowing Bitcoin wallets back into the iOS App Store. A good collection of wallets have since made their way onto the App Store for the iPhone, and finally the long-awaited Blockchain wallet returned.

We at E4Btc are gadget freaks, and a lot has changed since Apple banned the last wallet over a year ago, and now there is a large selection of wallets to choose from, implementing features that have since become standard options on most wallets. The 2014 class of wallets include Blockchain, Coin Pocket, bitWallet, GreenAddress, Pheeva, and breadWallet.

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E4btc - Update from Europe's Bitcoin-only Electronics Store

Submitted 3 years 3 months ago by philip.

30 days after our relaunch...

We are very happy here at E4btc to have had such a successful relaunch of our Bitcoin-only Electronics shop, shipping over **200 orders to 20 countries in Europe** since April. It’s an exciting experience for us at Bitcoins Berlin to be a part of a community teeming with growth and potential, and with many large companies beginning to accept Bitcoin in 2014, we feel proud to be have been a part of this new realm of commerce early on, serving new customers throughout Europe.

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Bitcoin gear you can buy when you sell your iPhone

Submitted 3 years 4 months ago by philip.

Some of us here in the team had iPhones and decided to sell them after all the attacks on Bitcoin apps by Apple. Even though we found out all the ways to get around Apple's restrictions, we grew tired of the anti-Bitcoin company and sold our iPhones to gear up and meet all of our Bitcoin needs. We already had desktops and laptops, so we needed to fully equip ourselves to be able to survive in a Bitcoiner's life.

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Deals for Bitcoin - Discounts on electronics at

Submitted 3 years 4 months ago by philip.

Celebrating the new E4btc with deals for Bitcoin

Alongside the release of 2.0, we have many deals on the top electronics brands when you buy with Bitcoin. We've compared our prices against Amazon and cut prices on products such as reliable and speedy Lenovo ThinkPads, monstrous LG HDTVs, and blazing fast Radeon Graphics Cards for gaming and mining.

3 ways to use Bitcoin on iPhone

Submitted 3 years 4 months ago by philip.

Apple the Gatekeeper
UPDATE: Jul 30, 2014 - Apple has allowed Bitcoin Wallet apps back into the app store! Check out our review of the Bitcoin Wallets above!
Due to Apple's extremely strict App Store guidelines, many developers of Bitcoin apps have found themselves banished from the exclusive iOS App Store. Some users who are fortunate enough to have a jailbreak-compatible phone are able to get by, but what about those wanting to buy a new iPhone and still wanting to use Bitcoin?

Welcome to the new

Submitted 3 years 4 months ago by philip.

Hello again from the e4btc team,

After weeks of rebuilding the Electronics for Bitcoin shop, we are happy to give an update that is back, brand new, and shipping over 64,000 Electronics throughout Europe. With 50,000 more products than before, we are continuing to sell tech gear for Bitcoin with low wholesale prices on top brands such as Lenovo, HP, LG, Apple, HTC, Samsung and Intel.