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E4btc - Update from Europe's Bitcoin-only Electronics Store

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30 days after our relaunch...

We are very happy here at E4btc to have had such a successful relaunch of our Bitcoin-only Electronics shop, shipping over 200 orders to 20 countries in Europe since April.

It’s an exciting experience for us at Bitcoins Berlin to be a part of a community teeming with growth and potential, and with many large companies beginning to accept Bitcoin in 2014, we feel proud to be have been a part of this new realm of commerce early on, serving new customers throughout Europe.

We are a small startup company that was able to set up a fast, easy and reliable electronics store made possible with the help of Bitcoin’s features, especially with the lack of setup costs and low transaction fees.

Exclusively using Bitcoin as the payment system in our shop, we automatically reduce the risk of fraud for both ourselves and the customer, guaranteeing that the money has been transferred without the need to receive and store unnecessary billing information.

We believe keeping personal information separate from the payment verification process is the killer feature for spending money online, and one that many merchants should seriously consider, since online fraud is a major issue affecting credit card companies and small businesses who depend on fast international payments.

We have seen many areas of growth within the Bitcoin community, and since our initial release of E4btc about one year ago, we have added 50,000 new products including Notebooks, Computers, Televisions/Monitors, Mobile Phones, Projectors and many other electronics only sold for Bitcoin.

Our team has partnered with the best suppliers that give us a wide variety of products for the best possible price, so that our customers can make smart purchases and save money. Our developers have been listening to our customers’ feedback and continuously tweaking the site, so if you’re looking for a phone or printer or a tablet for the right price, you can find it quickly.

Test out for yourself and see what kind of shopping list you can get with bitcoin.

We're already ready to ship to the 28 EU member states. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

For global shipments please get in touch via Email at [email protected] to ask for price & delivery quote. If we find an individual agreement, we are happy to fulfil your shipping needs.

Now we would like to extend this to more countries. With our survey you can help us make the decision on which countries we should add next -->