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About us

E4btc is an online electronics store for Europe. We only accept Bitcoin.

The project is ran by Bits & Coins Consulting UG, one of the first business consultancies in Germany specialized in Bitcoin.

We have been following Bitcoin and its development since the earlier days back to 2009.

We're an official BitPay partner for Germany and we have been guiding people on how to buy, accept and store Bitcoin.

For E4btc we have teamed up with Drupal Commerce experts Kasper and Andreas.


Kasper Souren

Kasper has a long lasting background in IT. Building websites since 1998 and facepalming for not having listened to advice to buy Bitcoin in 2011. SEO and getting things done are Kasper's string side. In 2016 he launched a non-Bitcoin fintech startup: B2B Pay. He's also happy to handle emails in Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Andreas Hennings

Andreas is our hardcore PHP developer. He can handle complex data structure and quickly comes up with elaborate solutions for tough problems. Hacking Drupal core since 2009 as donquixote.

Jörg von Minckwitz

Jörg is responsible for general organisation, public relations and the acquisition of new customers. The strengths of this Business Master’s student are his entrepreneurial spirit, communication skills and his ability to generate creative solutions to problems. Apart from Bitcoin, Joerg’s big passion is travel which helped motivate him to start this company.

Jan Goslicki

Jan is our chief economist who is in charge of our content and marketing strategy. Passionate to the end, he is described as perfectionist, bridge builder, maverick and networker. Settling for one single thing would be way too boring for Jan. He is always open for new ideas and looking for ways to give them life.

Benjamin Peter Jones

Ben's job is to find the Bitcoin projects with the most potential and to see that they are successfully realized. Whilst at the London School of Economics, Ben was often frustrated by the theoretical nature of the course. The revolution of Bitcoin has proved an exciting contrast to his studies that keeps him and the rest of the world guessing. Originally from Bristol, he is currently based between Berlin, Thailand and Ghana.