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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs E4btc?

E4btc is run by Bitcoins Berlin, Germany’s exclusive BitPay integration partner and Europe's first Bitcoin Startup incubator.

We eat, drink and breathe Bitcoin.

You can find out about our other projects on our website or by following us on Twitter or coming to visit us in our office.

Where is E4btc based?

We are a registered German company and limited by liability.

Bits & Coins Consulting UG
Ohlauer Str. 43
10999 Berlin


How do I get in touch with you?

How do you calculate the BTC exchange rate?

  • We utilize BitPay's trusted Bitcoin Best Bid exchange rate, which averages multiple exchanges' rates weighted by volume.
  • BitPay does not factor in commission fees by exchanges, and therefore creates a more cost-effective way to use bitcoins by buying assets via BitPay, rather than cashing out via an exchange.
  • Compare the exchange rate at Bitpay's bitcoin exchange rates.

Can I track my order? How?

  • Yes, but not automatically since we ship with several logistic partners. We send your tracking as soon as available via Email
  • Please get in touch with our friendly email support to figure out shipment infos e.g. an estimated arrival date of your package full of electronics.

What about refunds?

  • Using BitPay's conversion rate, we accept Euro for the bitcoins BitPay receives. Hence, we are unable to refund the amount of bitcoins sent.
  • We can only refund the Euro-equivalent of bitcoins on the day of refund, or Euros directly via bank transfer or other mutually-agreed payment processor.
  • Our users have to ask for merchant's agreement first and cannot e.g. initiate a refund from our merchant processor without e4btc’s consent. BitPay does not handle customer requests for refunds, as BitPay is an agent of the merchant, not the customer.
  • Learn more about our refunds and returns policy here.

I paid, but my invoice expired. What to do?

  • Our software provider Bitpay creates an invoice which is only valid for 15 minutes.
  • Do not use exchanges, trading platforms or market places to send your coins from.
  • In this case, If your invoice is paid, don't panic, Bitpay will transfer the money with delay.
  • To shop online please use established mobile, desktop or online bitcoin wallets e.g. Blockchain for cheaper transactions fees and faster confirmations.

I accidentally overpaid my invoice. Can I get my money back and how?

  • Pay with gratitude, please.
  • If you accidentally or massively overpaid the invoice, it is easily possible to refund your overpaid amount.
  • Provide the Bitpay invoice ID or URL and your bitcoin refund address by opening a support ticket for Bitpay.

I paid my invoice in full. Can I cancel my order? How?

  • Bitcoin has no chargebacks, that is why you can't cancel your payment after sending your money.
  • We usually process the order of your product & shipping within 24 hours.
  • During this time slot it could be possible to change your chosen items.

I live outside the European Union, can I still order from you?

  • For using the shopping card and online checkout we only ship within the European Union.
  • If you are living in a Non-EU country, please ask for a shipping and price quote via Email.
  • You can find our shipping rates here.